Pawtuckaway bouldering was developed by household names like Dean Potter, Charlie Bentley, Dave Graham, Brett Meyers, Joe Kinder, Luke Parady, Tim Kemple, John Sierois, and Dave Jacobsen. This guidebook is still a work in progress, with new content (boulders and routes) being added regularly. The price will go up for new purchasers as new content is added. Once you purchase a license, you will receive all future additions and updates for free. It currently covers 652 boulder problems (V0 to V13+) and 108 routes (5.3 to 5.13a), in Blair Woods (Welcome Boulders, Swirley Boulder, Meat and Potatoes Boulder, Font Boulder, Conditions Boulder, Optimus Boulder, Sorority Boulder, Crack Boulder, Pinnacle Boulder, Forgotten Boulder, Warmup Boulders, General Lee Boulder, Scoop Boulder, Lumberjack Boulder, Trailside Boulders, Method Boulder, Rainforest Boulders, Hero Block, Fisherman's Boulder), Boulder Natural (Marsh Boulders, Storm Boulders, Barnyard Boulders, The Zoo, The Buttermilk, Split Boulder, Ill Mob Boulder, Upper River), Devil's Den (Premier, Congo, Walrus, Nothing, Dust Boulder, Devil's Fish Tank, Dead Pond), Round Pond (Left, Right, Upper, General Sherman), Cliff Boulders (Lower Slabs, Original Font, Upper Uppers), Lakeside Crag, Hillside Crags, Lower Slab, Upper Cliff Left, Upper Cliff, and The Dome. It includes highballs, one-move wonders, roofs, slabs, and cracks. Pawtuckaway has something for everyone. If you are near New Hampshire, check it out!

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Pawtuckaway Climbing

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