The Nears is a small but concentrated zone of Gunks bouldering. While it does not have nearly the amount of problems that the nearby Carriage Road or Peter's Kill do, the best problems of the Nears stack up to any of the best in the Gunks. Located predominately in a talus field at the base of the Nears cliff, this quieter zone demands crash pads and attentive spotters. Check it out if the crowds on the Carriage Road are too much; if you see anyone else down in the Nears, it's likely to be a fellow boulderer only happy to share a spot and a pad. This guide documents 83 boulder problems from V0 to V12. All of the climbing routes described in this guide are on land owned and managed by the Mohonk Preserve.

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Nears Bouldering

Nears Bouldering - $5.99