Manhattan on the Rocks is a bouldering guide to New York City. It contains 398 problems in the range V0 to V13, from Central Park to Pelham Bay Park. Much of the rock from Central Park to Fort Tryon Park is schist; some contains quartz, some is gritty, and some is like granite. There's also Inwood Marble in northern Highbridge Park and some of Inwood Hill Park. Lastly, Van Cortlandt Park contains Fordham Gneiss, which is of very high quality and might just be the best rock in the city. We have taken special care documenting the eliminates, link-ups, and variations in Central Park, making it as clear as possible which holds are on and off route and where the climbs go. Crash pads and spotters are the ideal protection and are highly recommended though there are some very lowball boulders that could be safe climbing on alone with a crash pad. Enjoy!

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Manhattan on the Rocks

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