Dickey Ledge is hard to miss if you have ever hiked the Welch-Dickey Loop trail, or driven north on route 93 between Plymouth and Lincoln, New Hampshire. There are many obvious slabs as well as vertical to inverted walls hidden in the trees. The 40 minute approach and the misperception that all the climbing is low-angle combine to keep many climbers away. This guidebook documents 58 routes with grades ranging from an easy 5.3 romp up to an unrepeated 5.13. The rock is magnificent, and the scenery is epic. The best times to visit are spring and fall. The southern exposure of the cliff face can heat up a cool day to sheer perfection. Summer is nice at Dickey but you might bake on the more exposed routes.

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Dickey Ledge Routes

Dickey Ledge Routes - $5.99